13:00 - 15:00

Maha Sadhana

Yiannis Mukta Om
Yoga in Aachen mit Yiannis
13:00 - 15:00

MAHA SADHANA with Yiannis Mukta Om, Disciple of Dharma Mittra

“When your mind is calm, you are able to see everything with love” Dharma Mittra

Explore this pratice with Yiannis Mukta OM, (the one who strives for liberation) with this name ¨baptism” his master to Yiannis after 10 years next to him with total devotion and perseverence

During the pratice Yiannis will share the fundamental tools needed to practice back bending with precision and confidence. He will also introduce a purifying Pranayama sequence. These breathing exercises will open the respiratory system and strengthen the nerves, leading to greater control of the senses and calmer and clearer mind. Like an asana practice, Pranayama purifies the physical and subtle body of toxic impurities. To conclude, Yiannis will introduce Meditation, visualisation and concentration techniques, as well as Yoga Nidra. This deep healing relaxation can dispel tension and fatigue in the physical body; relieve depression, anxiety, craving; rejuvenate and energize all systems – physical and subtle. This bolsters the human’s natural healing capacity, leading to rejuvenation on physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

All will help you to purify and calm the mind to help you to be more in touch with yourself and your essence, gaining more clarity, centerness, peace, and presence.

Yoga in Aachen mit Yiannis
Yiannis has been studying and teaching Hatha-Raja Yoga for over 15 years, having found his guru in Sri Dharma Mittra in 2003. he is deeply focused on the goal of self realization as past down directly from Sri Dharma Mittra. Yiannis practice is appropriate for all levels of practitioners, as various options and variations of each pose are always offered. Yiannis embodies the deep inner strength and playful nature of his teacher, Dharma Mittra and striving to be a living example of the true essence of yoga. Inspired and awed by the way that yoga has transformed his life, Yiannis teaches so others may also experience the many amazing benefits of yoga to the body, mind and soul.